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May 18, 2016

Stress Relief Ideas:

The Best Relaxing Sounds (10 minutes of nature escape...sometimes we just need to power down)

Lord of the Rings Melody  (Simply beautiful relaxing music)

5 guys & a piano One Direction  (Video One Direction song played by 5 guys on 1 piano)

The Sid Shuffle – Ice Age (Song, Video & if your kids want, dance to it)

Paint Jam - Dan Dunn (Video Try to guess what he's painting before he finishes)

Hand Shake (2 Students: Partner A and Partner B handshake)

Toe Tapper Energizing (2 Students: Partner A and Partner B toe tap shake)

Brain Breaks Blog Spot (Blog by David Sladkey)  

Tarzan Camp Song   (Silly Song with motions)

May 11, 2016

End of Year Celebrations

If time allows or if you are not celebrating then:

*Otherwise, students will complete these surveys during advisory next week

May 4, 2016

Laptop Turn In Procedures

Review laptop turn in procedures with students using the presentation below.

Grade Checks & Study Plans

  • Students will revisit their Study Plan
    • Cross off any assignments that you turned in
    • Update any new assignments that need to get done
  • Students will work quietly in their assigned advisory on school work (no passes to the LMC, no passes to other teachers)

Extra Time Please Take This "Advisory Survey" (each student will click the link to take the survey)