December 7, 2016 (Scholarship Screencast)

Scholarship Program Screencast (TBD)

December 1, 2016 (Semester Celebration)

Class Celebration!

Advisory students bring food and/or drinks to share (careful of student allergies)!

Share out highs and lows of the semester! Share out hopes for next semester! Share out what your plans are over the holiday break!

November 30, 2016 (Exploring Life After High School)

Honored Teacher Survey 

All Seniors need to please complete the survey link above.

(Exploring Life After High School)

  • As a class have all laptops put away
  • Project the table of hyperlinks below and let students pick what links for you (the advisor) to show to the class
  • As you read or watch the videos:
    • what kinds of ah-ha moments occurred for you?
    • what kinds of questions surfaced for you?
    • did you learn anything you didn't already know?
    • did you gain any new perspectives?
  • Have you read or seen anything lately related to life after graduation? If so share it with your advisory teacher so it can later be added to the list of topics below.

November 9th, 2016


  • Project the following presentation (have sound available for video on slide #2)
  • After the video, circle up with students to discuss the following questions and any other thoughts/concerns/ideas as a result of the assemble
  • Extra Time? Direct students to the Graduate for Mas Log it to complete the 9 activities to receive the Attendance Badge = $$$ for LHS