Student Paths

Why Student Paths?

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Student Paths

The Student Paths is now officially available at for your school to earn money.

When your students go to, the login screen will come up. Students that completed a survey last year should log in using the username and password created previously
  • Students that did not complete a survey last year should click on “Haven’t started your path? Click here to get started” 
  • Remember your username, BUT forgot your password? Simply click "Forgot Your Password" to receive an email with a new password
  • Forgot your username AND password? No Worries! Simply sign up again using the "Click here to get started"

Once logged in the student will be immediately prompted to answer a few questions. 
Data privacy is very important - absolutely no student information is put on mailing lists or sold to third parties. Student Paths only connects students with post-secondary institutions if they request it. 

Once students have filled in a few sentences in each text box, be sure they hit submit, then the survey is complete.

Students may now explore videos and articles offered by the Student Paths program.  Future advisory lessons will utilize Student Paths resources so please record your log in information somewhere safe!

Log In Screencast & Survey Info Below

*no sound...simply follow the clicking/typing