Second Week of Advisory Aug 24-28


Lesson: Team Building

Choose a team building activity:

  • See Advisory Choice Tab for ideas
  • Choose your own
  • Lesson idea:
    • Circle up and share favorite moment of the summer and least favorite moment

Tuesday & Wednesday

Lesson: Digital Citizenship Lesson 3 & Lesson 4

Click HERE for Lessons 3 and 4 


Lesson: Advisory picture day

Reed Portrait will be here to take Advisory class pictures. The good news is...The photographers will come to your class during advisory!!!! However, this means 2 photographers are taking pics of ALL advisories in 35 minutes. We need your help in accomplishing this!!!

You will need to:
  • Organize your advisory students for a group photo
  • In your advisory classroom or in the hall near your classroom
  • Help build community! Have fun! Be creative AND school appropriate!
  • Be ready to go! A hall monitor will swing by to announce that your advisory class is up next for photos. Please be ready and in your places for the picture to take place quickly.


Liberty Hour Logistics (screencast below by Mrs. Gilmore & Mrs. Camp)

Here’s a link to the screencast going through Liberty Hour for this year

Here is a screencast to show Freshmen OR NEW STUDENTS how to login to view their LEH Calendar and tutoring assignments.  Please show this screencast to Freshmen in Advisory on Friday after going through the 2015-2016 Liberty Hour information.

Again, the presentation is available here but in a Slide Show format (choose the video or the slide show to present to students): :


First Week of School: Aug 18-21


Create Connections & Build Relationships

  • Click on the Advisory Choice Tab for ideas
  • Use your own team building activity
  • Featured Idea:
    • Wheel Connect: 
      • Project this "spin the wheel" CLICK HERE
      • Tell students to get out cell phones if they have them!
      • Divide students into 2 equal lines, parallel to and facing one another so that each student is paired with one another
      • Spin the wheel, for 90 seconds students will discuss with their partner the topic the wheel lands on (BOTH students get to talk/share with one another for only 90 seconds total)
      • After 90 seconds, have students in 1 line rotate to the right one person while the other line remains still
      • Spin the wheel for a new topic (repeat this process until students end up with their original partner)
      • Now Play!


Digital Citizenship lesson "Netiquette" (Recommended Teacher Preview Prior to Lesson)

Lesson Details CLICK HERE


Digital Citizenship lesson "Online Safety & Social Media" (Recommended Teacher Preview Prior to Lesson)

Lesson Details CLICK HERE


Administrator led Handbook Talks

  • Take attendance and then walk your students to the locations indicated below

Group Locations (See Groupings to the right on this web page)

  • Group A = Little Theater
  • Group B = Cafeteria