First Week of School: Aug 18-21


Create Connections & Build Relationships

  • Click on the Advisory Choice Tab for ideas
  • Use your own team building activity
  • Featured Idea:
    • Wheel Connect: 
      • Project this "spin the wheel" CLICK HERE
      • Tell students to get out cell phones if they have them!
      • Divide students into 2 equal lines, parallel to and facing one another so that each student is paired with one another
      • Spin the wheel, for 90 seconds students will discuss with their partner the topic the wheel lands on (BOTH students get to talk/share with one another for only 90 seconds total)
      • After 90 seconds, have students in 1 line rotate to the right one person while the other line remains still
      • Spin the wheel for a new topic (repeat this process until students end up with their original partner)
      • Now Play!


Digital Citizenship lesson "Netiquette" (Recommended Teacher Preview Prior to Lesson)

Lesson Details CLICK HERE


Digital Citizenship lesson "Online Safety & Social Media" (Recommended Teacher Preview Prior to Lesson)

Lesson Details CLICK HERE


Administrator led Handbook Talks

  • Take attendance and then walk your students to the locations indicated below

Group Locations (See Groupings to the right on this web page)

  • Group A = Little Theater
  • Group B = Cafeteria