Wednesday (December 9)

Enrollment Meeting

Attendance and then...
11th grade Advisors should send their students to the following locations, based on Counselor assignment:
  • Last names A-F report to room 815 with Mr. Casel
  • Last names G-K report to room 806 with Ms. Wiederholt
  • Last names L-Z and all Gifted students report to the Little Theater with Mrs. Crawford and Ms. Alagna

Wednesday - Thursday (December 2, 3)

Wednesday (Graduation Progress & Grade Checks)

  • Advisors pass out graduation progress only includes classes that have been completed
  • Advisors show students the following screencast regarding transcripts
  • Please announce that Juniors need to report to the following locations
  • December 9th:
      • Last names A-F report to room 815 with Mr. Casel
      • Last names G-K report to room 806 with Ms. Wiederholt
      • Last names L-Z and all Gifted students report to the Little Theater with Mrs. Crawford and Ms. Alagna
  • Grade Checks with Individual Students
    • Focus on upcoming finals and what students need to get accomplished by the end of the semester

Thursday (Hour of Code)

Please use Advisory time for Juniors to work through the district provided lesson plan found in the links below.

Here are the links from the district for the Hour of Code activities to share with Advisory teachers:

Wednesday, November 18


Read the message about LHS SPARC and have students sign pledge forms as the following 1st video/song plays on the projector and speakers.

SPARC: Student Prevention & Resistance Coalition. The LHS SPARC Club encourages all LHS students to sign an ELECTRONIC pledge not to drink during the school year.  Students simply need to check their student email to sign the pledge.

Paris Attacks: Choose any or all of the following to share and discuss with students.  It may be too much to discuss in one Advisory.  So as long as you support the following learning objectives, you may go any direction you choose with your advisory.

The learning objectives are:

  1. to inform/discuss with students facts surrounding the Paris attack and other attacks that have received less attention, 
  2. to help break stereotypes of Muslims and Muslim countries and 
  3. to encourage LHS students to think of ways we can unite in solidarity.

A Look at Paris

  1. Show the following 10 m CNN Student News video that details the recent terrorists attacks in Paris, France. Does your advisory already know the details? You can skip this video if they choose and simply share aloud what they know.

A Look at Misunderstandings in Social Media

  1. Social Media & Misunderstanding: CLICK HERE to read with students about how social media caused confusions surrounding the event. (Teachers can simply talk with students about the information from the links below or allow time for students to access the links by sharing the advisory website with them)
    1. Did you know about the attack on the Kenya University in April 2015? #147notjustanumber
    2. Did you know about the suicide bombing in Beirut? CLICK HERE 

A Look at Understanding Muslims #notinmyname

  1. Muslims speak out against terrorism.  The following short video is to help break stereotypes about Muslims.  It is very important to remember that we all go to school and work with students and colleagues of the Muslim faith.  Terrorism has no religion.

A Look at Solidarity

  1. What is solidarity? Here is a look at how the world is uniting in solidarity. 
    1. How might LHS unite in solidarity? 
    2. Do you have ideas that can show our support or spread words of kindness to those suffering from the atrocities of war?

Attitude of Gratitude!
Third Wednesday the 11th, we will recognize the support staff (Cafeteria, janitors, librarians, nurses)
Fourth Wednesday the 18th, we will recognize all of the teachers

Wednesday - November, 11, 2015

Reality U Information for Thursday!
(please project during attendance and then report to the locations below)
Reality U will take place in the Aux Gym on Thursday, November 12.  We will run the usual bell schedule for all classes that day; however, we will make announcements to dismiss juniors according to their assigned sessions throughout the day.  The Reality U sessions will take place at the following times:
  • Session 1:  8:15 AM - 9:45 AM
  • Session 2:  10:00 AM - 11:30 AM 
  • Session 3:  12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Session 4:  1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Make certain to remind your juniors as to which session they are supposed to attend.  Here is the spreadsheet that lists all juniors with their assigned session number and Advisory teacher’s name.  For the most part, students were assigned by their Advisory to make it easier to communicate which session they should attend.

Advisory Lesson Today: Counselor Presentations
Lead your advisory to your designated area according to the colors below...
BlueGroup: Little Theater
Yellow Group: Cafeteria
White Group: RM 815
Junior LINK Leaders: Cafeteria 

Wednesday, November 4

Career Focus Opportunities with Counselors

  • Take attendance
  • Lead your advisory to your designated area according to the colors below 
    • BlueGroup: Little Theater
    • Yellow Group: Cafeteria
      • White Group: Learning Stairs (near new gym)
    • Counselors will lead a session on career focus opportunities.  Advisors please stay present for the session.
    • Attitude of Gratitude: recognize the counseling department

    Attitude of Gratitude: recognize the counseling department

    Wednesday, October 28


    • Share with Juniors that on November 12th, they will participate in a 90 minute Reality U Event hosted by professionals from our community.
    • Click HERE to discover with students what today's student survey is about and how it will be used to organize the Nov. 12th, Reality U Event
      • Groups for Nov. 12th are already pre-assigned: CLICK HERE to know your assigned group
    • Students will need to use the following link below to access survey links and directions
    • Please use the remainder of advisory time for all Juniors to complete the survey

    A Note from the Leadership Class: Attitude of Gratitude

    Hi, I am Allison Niemeier from the Leadership class. From October 28th through November 18th we will be promoting Attitude for Gratitude. This is a project where the students recognize different members of the staff each week. Each Wednesday we will be handing out papers to each advisory. Each paper will say "Thank You" at the top with a space to put the name of the staff member and who it is from. The note must be appropriate. Each note will be read through individually and thrown out if it is inappropriate. Turn these in to Rm 102!

    On the first Wednesday the 28th, we will be writing the notes to the Administration
    Second Wednesday the 4th, we will be recognize the counseling department
    Third Wednesday the 11th, we will recognize the support staff (Cafeteria, janitors, librarians, nurses)
    Fourth Wednesday the 18th, we will recognize all of the teachers

    Wednesday - October, 21

    My Drive Campaign

    • Show this Steve Harvey video to get students to thinking about the importance of #2n2
    • Show the Slide Presentation below to inform students of the LHS My Drive campaign
    • Pay attention to the details LHS student can win an Apple Watch

    • This ARTICLE shares cell phone apps to disable texting while driving.  Click on the article to briefly review some of the available apps
    • Pass out the paper license plates for students to decorate so that they can hang on a STUCO made wall display for the school campaign. 

    Wednesday - October 14

    Follow Up of Davey Muise Presentation

    1. Handout crisis cards to each student. They are in your mailboxes. 
      1. Call attention to info on side with crisis hotlines numbers, especially SPRIGEO
      2. Review the helpful information on the flip-side of the card with ideas to help a friend in crisis and possible warning signs for depression and suicide.
    2. Davey Muise discussion - Use the following critical thinking questions to help foster an open, student-led discussion on the theme(s) discussed in yesterday’s presentation     

    Wednesday - October 7

    District Gallup Poll - Student Required

    Purpose: This survey will help us understand what students think about life in school, at home, and in the community. This survey is anonymous. Individual answers will not be shared with your school or district. Only grade and school information will be reported.


    Inform Students of the 

    Advisory Competition Below

    My name is Paige O'Leary, I am writing on behalf of Kaylee Black, Courtney Parker and myself. We are seniors at Liberty high school and we were selected to be apart of the NCAPS program. 

    I am reaching out to share the exciting project we are starting on Wednesday. Our group is working with the Ronald McDonald House of Charities and we have put together a competition between all advisories to collect pop tabs. We will be starting the collection on Wednesday 10/7 and end the collection on Wednesday 10/28. Each week we will be coming to collect and count the pop tabs that are gathered from each advisory. At the end of the month, we will announce a winner and will be having a donut party for that advisory. We hope to have everyone bring in pop tabs and help contribute to the Ronald McDonald House. 

    We appreciate all that you have done for us to help get this project started in all advisories, if you have any questions let me know.

    Thanks again, 

    Paige O'Leary
    Northland CAPS Associate
    Medicine and Healthcare

    (If students are uncomfortable with this topic due to personal experiences or loss, they are welcome to come to the counseling office during the presentation. Counselors and social workers will also be available after the presentations.)

    Fire Drill & iOS Update

    12:50 p.m.

    Initiate iOS Update at the start of class and let the update run with lids UP during the fire drill:

    iOS Directions:
    1. Launch Self Service from the Dock or the Desktop. 
    2. Enter your credentials to logon
    3. Click on Install OS X Update on the main page. If you do not see the update as an option, then your machine is already up to date. 

    * Your Mac device will automatically reboot after the update completes. Do not shut the lid during this process until you see the log in screen.

    Homecoming Week

    LHS CLUB - POLL - Go to...
    (share link with students) 

    Are you involved in an LHS club?

    not yet, but I plan to join one
    Quiz Maker





    Grade Checks & Homecoming Fun

    • Grade Check Protocol
    • Homecoming Fun

    Grade Check Protocol
    Then relay Homecoming Information below along with cutting out blue papers

    Message from the Leadership Class,

    Please check your mailbox before Advisory on Wednesday.  In there you will find blue paper.

    You will receive a bag in advisory with blue paper squares. We ask you have each student to trace out their hand and cut it out from those squares. Once each kid has cut out their hand, place all the hands into the bag and we will come collect them from you. 

    Leadership students will be around to talk about Homecoming events.  They are assigned to two classes so they may not be there in the beginning of Advisory, but should be there by the end. 

    NOTE: Freshman Advisories had their Link Leaders talk about this last week.  

    If you have any questions, let me (Marla) know.  The Homecoming events are also in the newsletter Erin sent out last week.

    • Homecoming Fence Contest Click HERE
    • Next week on Wednesday from 3:30 to 7:30 we will be holding the Fence Decorating Contest for Homecoming.  We would like to invite any club, class, advisory or team to participate in decorating a section of the fence.  

    Grade Checks & Fun

    Wednesday, September 9

    • Grade Checks
    • Team Building Fun Choose from the Padlet Below

    Sept 2: Grade Check Procedures

    Advisory Grade Check

    Option #1:
    1. Have students open their PowerSchool on their laptops.
    2. Walk around the room and look at every student's grades or call students up individually with their laptops to show you their grades
    3. Provide encouraging feedback 
    4. If you want to know more about a grade in a specific class ask the student to click on the percent/letter grade in order to see assignment details for the class.
    Option #2:
    1. Use Teacher PowerSchool to access student grades (see PDF for PowerSchool support)

    During Advisor-Student Grade Conference....
    1. Share this link
    2. Have students click on the first link "Study Skills Checklist" and have students jot down answers to the questions.  Then students need to read the directions at the end of the checklist.  Have students write down the areas they need self-help study guides and then...
    3. Have students explore the various study links provided on the StudyLHS link above
    4. After conferencing with all students have students share out study tips they learned or ideas that work for them 
      1. Want to capture it? 
        1. Try creating a Padlet wall for your Advisory & have students post study ideas

    Second Week of Advisory Aug 24-28


    Lesson: Team Building

    Choose a team building activity:

    • See Advisory Choice Tab for ideas
    • Choose your own
    • Lesson idea:
      • Circle up and share favorite moment of the summer and least favorite moment

    Tuesday & Wednesday

    Lesson: Digital Citizenship Lesson 3 & Lesson 4

    Click HERE for Lessons 3 and 4 


    Lesson: Advisory picture day

    Reed Portrait will be here to take Advisory class pictures. The good news is...The photographers will come to your class during advisory!!!! However, this means 2 photographers are taking pics of ALL advisories in 35 minutes. We need your help in accomplishing this!!!

    You will need to:
    • Organize your advisory students for a group photo
    • In your advisory classroom or in the hall near your classroom
    • Help build community! Have fun! Be creative AND school appropriate!
    • Be ready to go! A hall monitor will swing by to announce that your advisory class is up next for photos. Please be ready and in your places for the picture to take place quickly.


    Liberty Hour Logistics (screencast below by Mrs. Gilmore & Mrs. Camp)

    Here’s a link to the screencast going through Liberty Hour for this year

    Here is a screencast to show Freshmen OR NEW STUDENTS how to login to view their LEH Calendar and tutoring assignments.  Please show this screencast to Freshmen in Advisory on Friday after going through the 2015-2016 Liberty Hour information.

    Again, the presentation is available here but in a Slide Show format (choose the video or the slide show to present to students): :


    First Week of School: Aug 18-21


    Create Connections & Build Relationships

    • Click on the Advisory Choice Tab for ideas
    • Use your own team building activity
    • Featured Idea:
      • Wheel Connect: 
        • Project this "spin the wheel" CLICK HERE
        • Tell students to get out cell phones if they have them!
        • Divide students into 2 equal lines, parallel to and facing one another so that each student is paired with one another
        • Spin the wheel, for 90 seconds students will discuss with their partner the topic the wheel lands on (BOTH students get to talk/share with one another for only 90 seconds total)
        • After 90 seconds, have students in 1 line rotate to the right one person while the other line remains still
        • Spin the wheel for a new topic (repeat this process until students end up with their original partner)
        • Now Play!


    Digital Citizenship lesson "Netiquette" (Recommended Teacher Preview Prior to Lesson)

    Lesson Details CLICK HERE


    Digital Citizenship lesson "Online Safety & Social Media" (Recommended Teacher Preview Prior to Lesson)

    Lesson Details CLICK HERE


    Administrator led Handbook Talks

    • Take attendance and then walk your students to the locations indicated below

    Group Locations (See Groupings to the right on this web page)

    • Group A = Little Theater
    • Group B = Cafeteria