Grade Checks & Homecoming Fun

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Grade Check Protocol
Then relay Homecoming Information below along with cutting out blue papers

Message from the Leadership Class,

Please check your mailbox before Advisory on Wednesday.  In there you will find blue paper.

You will receive a bag in advisory with blue paper squares. We ask you have each student to trace out their hand and cut it out from those squares. Once each kid has cut out their hand, place all the hands into the bag and we will come collect them from you. 

Leadership students will be around to talk about Homecoming events.  They are assigned to two classes so they may not be there in the beginning of Advisory, but should be there by the end. 

NOTE: Freshman Advisories had their Link Leaders talk about this last week.  

If you have any questions, let me (Marla) know.  The Homecoming events are also in the newsletter Erin sent out last week.

  • Homecoming Fence Contest Click HERE
  • Next week on Wednesday from 3:30 to 7:30 we will be holding the Fence Decorating Contest for Homecoming.  We would like to invite any club, class, advisory or team to participate in decorating a section of the fence.