April 26, 2017

*After all students complete the lesson below, please plan with your students to have an in class advisory end of year celebration next Wednesday, May 3.

Get the Word Out! 

We need to get word out that LHS is a semi-finalist in a National Competition. Information is below, don’t forget about the Media Relations directions above for info going out via twitter, social media, broadcast, etc. I have included images you can click on and save in Aaron’s email below. We need to get the word out FAST because voting opens tomorrow and runs to May 10. Folks can vote one time per day. We are top 50 of over 3,000 entries and we are top 5 in our region which includes 14 states! Amazing accomplishment for LHS students!

Please share this link with everyone:

Liberty High School is listed in the Southeast Region.

April 11, 2017 Extended Advisory

Seniors: Please collect permission slips for the April 19th service projects and submit them to the office ASAP.

If there is extra time, please have seniors fill out the form below to nominate teachers for Staff Awards

April 4, 2017

Advisory today will:
  • Complete the Clarity BrightBytes Survey
  • Discover their service learning project for April 19th
  • Check in on students' grades using the grade check options below
Advisory Grade Check

Option #1:
  1. Have students open their PowerSchool on their laptops.
  2. Walk around the room and look at every student's grades or call students up individually with their laptops to show you their grades
  3. Provide encouraging feedback 
  4. If you want to know more about a grade in a specific class ask the student to click on the percent/letter grade in order to see assignment details for the class.
Option #2:
  1. Use Teacher PowerSchool to access student grades (see PDF for PowerSchool support)

During Advisor-Student Grade Conference....consider having students do the following
  1. Share this link http://bit.ly/studylhs for students to check out study skills
  2. Have students click on the first link "Study Skills Checklist" and have students jot down answers to the questions.  Then students need to read the directions at the end of the checklist.  Have students write down the areas they need self-help study guides and then...
  3. Have students explore the various study links provided on the StudyLHS link above
  4. After conferencing with all students have students share out study tips they learned or ideas that work for them 
    1. Want to capture it? 
      1. Try creating a Padlet wall for your Advisory & have students post study ideas