Wednesday, October 28


  • Share with Juniors that on November 12th, they will participate in a 90 minute Reality U Event hosted by professionals from our community.
  • Click HERE to discover with students what today's student survey is about and how it will be used to organize the Nov. 12th, Reality U Event
    • Groups for Nov. 12th are already pre-assigned: CLICK HERE to know your assigned group
  • Students will need to use the following link below to access survey links and directions
  • Please use the remainder of advisory time for all Juniors to complete the survey

A Note from the Leadership Class: Attitude of Gratitude

Hi, I am Allison Niemeier from the Leadership class. From October 28th through November 18th we will be promoting Attitude for Gratitude. This is a project where the students recognize different members of the staff each week. Each Wednesday we will be handing out papers to each advisory. Each paper will say "Thank You" at the top with a space to put the name of the staff member and who it is from. The note must be appropriate. Each note will be read through individually and thrown out if it is inappropriate. Turn these in to Rm 102!

On the first Wednesday the 28th, we will be writing the notes to the Administration
Second Wednesday the 4th, we will be recognize the counseling department
Third Wednesday the 11th, we will recognize the support staff (Cafeteria, janitors, librarians, nurses)
Fourth Wednesday the 18th, we will recognize all of the teachers