Wednesday - Thursday (December 2, 3)

Wednesday (Graduation Progress & Grade Checks)

  • Advisors pass out graduation progress only includes classes that have been completed
  • Advisors show students the following screencast regarding transcripts
  • Please announce that Juniors need to report to the following locations
  • December 9th:
      • Last names A-F report to room 815 with Mr. Casel
      • Last names G-K report to room 806 with Ms. Wiederholt
      • Last names L-Z and all Gifted students report to the Little Theater with Mrs. Crawford and Ms. Alagna
  • Grade Checks with Individual Students
    • Focus on upcoming finals and what students need to get accomplished by the end of the semester

Thursday (Hour of Code)

Please use Advisory time for Juniors to work through the district provided lesson plan found in the links below.

Here are the links from the district for the Hour of Code activities to share with Advisory teachers: