January 4, 5, and 6

Wednesday & Thursday: Advisory Choice Idea Below
Friday: Show Scholarship Screencast from 12/7, work on application and/or study time

Advisory Choice
  • see Advisory Choice Tab and let students help pick 1-2 lessons to accomplish Wed/Thurs

Try out this 2 day lesson on "New Year's Resolutions"
  • Watch the video below and class discuss any "ah-ha" moments
  • Share past resolutions that have worked versus those that were an epic fail
  • The next advisory follow the lesson below the video

  • Day 2: Go to this website http://dreamitalive.com/ and click the button that says "Watch Video" and it will describe the purpose of vision boards
    • Sadly, DreamItAlive requires sign up with Facebook and this will be blocked for students.  HOWEVER, the video is great at detailing the purpose of vision boards.  Who knows maybe a student will be inspired enough to try it out at home.
  • Give students time to brainstorm and/or create a Vision Board using digital platforms such as  Padlet, Google Docs, Google Slides, PiktochartSmoreTackkThinglink 
  •  Start adding ideas that represent your vision:
    • images
    • quotes
    • words
    • poems
    • brief videos
  • Students may choose not to do this activity.  That's ok, don't make them.  However, if you are seated with them and creating your own vision board they may just become intrigued enough to try one of their own.

No one wants to make a vision board? Then check out these other videos to talk about "stick withitness" for the New Year

Law of Attraction

What is the one significant key to success?