March 1, 2017 Unlock the Box Challenge

Today in advisory:

  • Check your mailbox for advisory roster and candy for the UNLOCK THE BOX lesson
    • When students show you that they completed ALL 8 "Attendance Badge" challenges, then mark their name as complete on the roster and give them some candy:) Please turn in the roster to your grade level advisory leader's mailbox
      • 9th = Sara Havermann
      • 10th = Charity Stephens
      • 12th = Brenda Parker
  • Lesson for Unlock the Box Challenge 
    • Teachers will show the following video to lead students through the "Get Schooled" Challenge to win LHS $500
      • project the video/have sound ready/students have laptops out to follow along

  • Grade Checks
    • Conference with each student regarding their grades
      • See if they need support in any classes
      • Inquire if they are attending LH for additional support
      • Remind them that P/T conferences are in less than 2 weeks