February 17, 2016

Graduate For Más Challenge

Taco Bell Challenge: Make the Promise to graduate and use our games and tools to help you reach your graduation, college and career goals. We even have some great prizes - 

$500 for every school that gets 30% of new students to Make the Promise, 
$1,000 for the regional winners, and 
$10,000 and a celebration event with a celebrity for the national round #2 winning school! 

  1. Advisory students will follow this link, click on “Make the Promise” icon to fill out the promise to graduate. https://getschooled.com/graduate-for-mas
  2. Students that “Make the Promise” will automatically be enrolled in the program and receive access to a variety of content: College Knowledge, Future Focus, Life Skills, Make the Grade, Money Talks, and more.
  3. What’s next? Encourage the students to watch the videos, play the games, take the surveys, and attempt the challenges on their dashboard. There is no set number of activities they must complete, but the more they click on and complete, the higher we go on the leaderboards to possible win prizes and money.