August 17, 2018

First Day of School

Make connections and build relationships.

Class Starter:

Materials: Markers, Large Sheet of Construction Paper/Butcher Pater or Large Wall Post It Note (make use of what you have)

Write this question in large print at the top of the Paper.

What is your HOPE?

1) As Students enter the classroom, ask them to write a brief statement to summarize their hope(s) for the school year at LHS.
2) Do NOT have them sign their names....this is anonymous.
3) Let them know that these will be posted for the community to see during Open House Night.

Choose 1 of the following activities to complete as an Advisory!
  • Name Game: 
    • Circle up
    • Think of an adjective or word that starts with the same first letter as your name. This can be a word that describes you or something funny (keep it appropriate):
      • Examples: Awesome Adam, Running Rachel, Dabbing Dawson
    • 1 person starts by stating his/her name
    • The next person states the person's name before him/her and then his/her own name
    • The next person states all the people that went before him/her and then states his/her own name
    • Repeat until you complete the circle...make your teacher go last so he/she has to remember EVERYONE!
    • NO FEAR! This is about building connections/relationships...if someone forgets a name the circle can whisper the answer to help the person out...the point is that you all are there for one another!
  • Guess Who? Game:
    • Each student writes one thing he/she did over the summer BUT does not write his/her
      name on the paper (remember to keep it appropriate and respectful)
    • Turn in the papers to the teacher for him/her to guess who did what
  • Two Truths & A Lie
    • Each student writes 2 truths and a lie about him/herself
    • Each student reads it aloud to the class and the class guesses the lie
    • Be sure to share short stories about what you wrote! This will help everyone to get to know you!
Allow students time to Q&A about the first day of school