January 13 (Judgement & Hashtag Challenge)


Prior to Advisory: Advisors will need to create an account to access the Harbor TV Series.  Please use the embedded presentation below for log in directions.


Today in advisory…

  • Log in to your HarborTV account
  • Click on “The Harbor” pull down menu and click “Latest Episodes”

Class Starter: Ask students…
  • What is judgement?
  • How can social media be attributed to positive or negative judgemental attitudes?

Show: the following Episode titles
  • Season 1 - Episode 1 “Judgement” (3+ minutes)
  • Season 2 - Episode 8 “Matt Soeth” (4+ minutes)

Post Viewing Questions: found in the following hyperlinks or in the images below. Use these questions for a class discussion. Use any format of your choice to discuss the “Post Viewing Questions”
  • whole group discussion
  • inner circle / outer circle
  • inner circle can have one set of questions to discuss while the outer circle remains quiet
  • outer circle can have a different set of questions to discuss while the inner circle remains quiet

Judgement Questions

    Additional Questions:
    • What systems do we have in place at LHS to provide support regarding bullying?
      • Sprigeo, teachers, counselors, administration
    • How can LHS do a better job at spreading positivity?

    Class Challenge:
    • Task your advisory to...
      • create a hashtag for LHS students to share positive moments or kudos

    use THIS LINK to submit the suggested hashtag for your advisory