January 6, 2016 (Tutorial & Norming)



After watching the video students can begin inputting classes if they are ready.  Otherwise they will complete this on their own time.

Too much time left? Re-connect with students by Norming:
  • Use the headings and guiding questions below for students to write individual responses on post it notes. After answering questions for each heading below, collect the responses and read responses aloud. Record responses either on an electronic document or on paper.  After all responses have been recorded and agreed upon, post the responses in class for all to see.  Refer to these norms throughout the year to help keep your advisory centered and connected.
    • Time
      • What is required of all of us to begin on time?
      • What is required of all of us to end on time?
    • Safety/Respect
      • How will we create a safe environment?
      • How will we establish and maintain respectful relationships?
    • Participation
      • How will we encourage participation?
      • How will we encourage connecting with one another?
    • Listening
      • How will we encourage listening?
      • How will we discourage interrupting?
    • Decision Making
      • How will we making decisions when needed?
      • How will we reach consensus so all voices heard?
      • How will we deal with conflict?
    • Other
      • Are there other norms you feel were not addressed that need added?